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Your Guide to Vegan CBD Gummies

Vegan CBD Gummies by JustCBD

You can’t think of CBD products without CBD gummies popping into your mind. Eating gummies reminds us of a fun and carefree time in our lives when gummy candies rocked our childhood. Vegan CBD gummies are one of the many ways to consume CBD and many people have become spellbound by the CBD gummies. The gummies are loved for their taste and convenience. A combination of your favorite childhood gummy and CBD will take your imagination to a higher level. Not only are the vegan CBD gummies healthy, but they are also soft and super delicious with exploding mouthwatering flavors. They come in different shapes, sizes, formulas, and doses. Let’s get to learn more about these chewy bites

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are one of the most famous options of CBD products available today. These gummies are not your regular chewy gummies and have an inclusion of CBD making them effective products. In addition, CBD infused gummies are safer to use since the CBD used in the gummy can be tested more accurately and the levels of CBD or THC within the product can be controlled.

Furthermore, the CBD used in the manufacturing process is always sourced from organic hemp making the gummies safe for consumption. For consumers that prefer convenience and subtlety, CBD gummy is the best option.

It would also be of importance to note that there is a difference between coated CBD gummies and CBD infused gummies. CBD infused gummies tend to last longer since it has been discovered that cannabinoids are very sensitive to heat. When CBD is simply sprayed on to the exterior part of the gummy, its effectiveness becomes less but when infused and properly mixed in the gummy, the CBD is more effective and lasts longer.

Vegan CBD Gummies by JustCBD



How are Vegan CBD Gummies made?

These vegan gummies infused with CBD are made from organic ingredients that support all the guidelines of veganism. Vegan CBD gummies are also THC free, naturally gluten-free, non-GMO, and allergy-free. Today, a great deal of CBD brands are producing vegan products, but what matters is the ability to produce CBD related products that are safe, high-quality for all consumers.

It is quite simple how these everybody’s favorite gummies are made. Vegan CBD gummy is created by infusing CBD directly into the gummy recipe. This, therefore, makes CBD an active ingredient rather than an additional feature. With this in mind, the consumer is therefore able to derive all the benefits of CBD.  Apart from that, the gummies can also be added other body-boosting ingredients like vitamins, which are best known for boosting the immune system as well as the reproductive system.

How are Vegan CBD Gummies made?

Different Variations of CBD Used in Gummies

There are only 3 variations of CBD gummies that include:

Full-spectrum CBD:  Full spectrum CBD consists of all of the chemicals of the hemp plant that is cannabinoids, oils, terpenes, and THC. However, the THC levels are less than 0. 3%

CBD Isolate:  Compromises of pure CBD. Considered to be the purest and most potent variety of CBD.

Broad-spectrum: Compromises all chemicals of hemp plant except THC.

Can CBD Gummies Make you high?

No, they cannot! The CBD gummies cannot make you high as long as they conform to the stipulated legal levels of under 0.3% of THC. This is the reason why it is always advisable to buy CBD products from trusted brands. CBD will not make you high since THC is the psychoactive compound that gives the euphoria effect.

Your Guide to Vegan CBD Gummies

How to Choose the Right Vegan CBD Gummies

Considering so many CBD vegan gummies products in the market, choosing the right CBD gummies can be challenging. This is possible since the CBD industry is not regulated by the Food and Drug administration therefore counterfeit products may make their way into the shelves. Thorough research is of importance to ensure that the buyer makes an informed buying decision. Besides, it’s helpful to verify the formulas, manufacture, and claims of the companies. To make it easier for you here is a list of aspects that you should have in your mind to guide you.

Availability of Testing Results

Any CBD brand that is reliable should always avail a certificate of analysis to its customers. A legitimate company ascertains that all its products have undergone third-party testing to ensure that they are safe and transparent for use.


In the year 2018, President Trump signed the Farm Bill into law and this guaranteed that CBD which is derived from hemp is legalized. This led to more mushrooming of CBD brands which suggest that CBD products are available across most states in the US. Across the globe, shipping of CBD related products is also possible. You can therefore buy CBD products online from brands that are allowed to ship in the US. A good place to start your CBD journey is the JustCBD Company.

Ingredients List

Ideally, high-quality vegan CBD gummies should be 100% natural and not contain corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or any other harmful chemicals. It’s wise to go through the listed ingredients of the product. In the case of vegan CBD gummies, all the ingredients should be vegan and natural. Once you have noted the ingredients, you can further do a google search to ensure that they are 100% vegan. For companies that claim that their CBD products are 100% vegan, you can request for certifications to verify the same.

The reputation of the Brand

Go for companies that are well-established and reputable. Customer reviews are also a big helper to determine the credibility of the company. Some of the points to keenly look at are the customers’ experience after using the vegan CBD gummies, reasons for using the gummies, the taste of gummies, and experience in terms of shipping or honoring the refund policy. All this will give you a clear idea of the company you’re about to engage with. If you’re looking to buy top-notch vegan gummies a good start would be JustCBD which offers an array of gummies crafted with protein-rich whole grain ingredients.

Will I Accrue any Benefits from the Gummies?

Vegan CBD gummies offer an array of benefits to the user. The fact that they are made with rich and healthy ingredients plus the inclusion of CBD is great for general wellbeing. In the present times, CBD as a compound has been described as heaven-sent since it offers many health benefits. It has been of help in dealing with irregular sleeping patterns, managing pain, stress, and anxiety, it has potential in regulating inflammatory functions, promote relaxing mood, boosting and protecting overall wellbeing plus many other benefits.

How are Vegan CBD Gummies made?

Why the vegan CBD Gummies

These vegan yummy gummies are everyone’s favorite because:

Convenient to Use

To use CBD vegan gummies is not rocket science. Just like the regular candies you just chew them. No hassles of using water and you can carry them around without any worries whatsoever. Unlike capsules and oil where you have to take the right dosages, all you need is one gummy and you’re good to go hence making them convenient.

Comes in many flavors and shapes

Some CBD users are not fans of using CBD tinctures, oils, capsules, or even vaping CBD oil. Both Vegan and non-vegan CBD gummies are the best options to take CBD by eating cannabidiol-infused treats such as gummy bears, peach rings, sour worms, and various other tasty candies. These vegan treats come in different flavors that indulge your taste buds to new heights. Any sweet tooth will enjoy a wide range of flavors that include blueberry, strawberry, peach, apple, watermelon, cherry, etc. The shapes include happy face emoji, worms, rings, rainbow ribbons, etc.

A wide use formulas and Ingredients

Vegan CBD gummies can be made using a wide range of formulas that allow them to contain different organic ingredients such as melatonin which improves sleep, turmeric for anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, vitamins for boosting the body immune system, and very many others.

How to use Vegan CBD Gummies

CBD gummies doses can vary from 1mg to 100mg per gummy. For most CBD brands, contain about 10mg to 30mg of CBD per serving. In the case of JustCBD vegan CBD gummies, each flavor is available for sale in jars of different sizes (from 250mg to 3000mg). CBD gummy packs can be from 20- 60.

Can Children use Vega CBD Gummies?

Even children can enjoy finger-licking gummies without any worries. Children do not like the earthy taste of CBD and what a great option for a delicious taste of CBD gummies. CBD gummies are safe and can also be great alternatives for treating health issues in kids.

Explore Vegan CBD Gummies by JustCBD

You can find a variety of vegan CBD gummies in stores as well as online. If you have previously been heartbroken by CBD products, it’s time to try other products from reputable brands. Just CBD will be an excellent choice to start with. Their acclaimed vegan CBD gummies will be an excellent choice for you!