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Top 10 Best CBD Topicals Brands

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Top 10 Best CBD Topicals Brands

You probably know by now that there are lots of ways individuals can enjoy CBD, but a topical option will always be your best choice for reliving muscle aches and pains.

This is because whenever we apply CBD products to the skin, our bodies still absorb it, but it’s different from having a few gummies or administering a few drops.

Rather than circulate throughout the entire body, the CBD will pretty stay in the affected area, and it’ll focus all of its properties on one spot.

But as you also may know by now, no CBD is created equal, and some are better than others.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 CBD topical brands.

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When you use CBDFX’s topicals, you’re getting not only some quality CBD for a great price, but you’ll benefit from the other natural ingredients used in their formulas, including caffeine, menthol and willow bark.

If you’re still new to the world of CBD, but need something for muscle pains fast, CBDFX is an excellent starting point.

CBDFX offers their topical pain cream in a dosage of either 500 or 1000 mg CBD, which is derived from organically grown California hemp. Best of all is that their certificates of analysis, which are conducted by third-party laboratories, are some of the most detailed on the market.
Price: $39.99-$79.99
CBD Range: 500-1000 mg (sizes vary)

2.) CBD Caring–1937 Wellness Comfort Cream

CBD Caring started out as a mother’s endeavor to help her daughter off steroids.

From there, this Las Vegas-based company’s grown to be an award-winning, community-oriented operation, not to mention a reputable seller of CBD products, including the best-selling 1937 Wellness Comfort Cream.

On top of that, they’ve become a brand to look out for when seeking great deals for topical CBD products. At 1,000 mg of CBD in just 8 ounces of cream, the 1937 Wellness Comfort Cream is fantastic if you’re really looking for something with a potent dosage.

You can also find a wide range of other topical CBD products from a variety of other unique brands, including Black Belt CBD and CaniSun.

Price: $129.99
CBD Range: 1000 mg (8 oz container)

3.) Medterra

Medterra’s an Irvine, CA-based brand dedicated to high-quality CBD products that meet strict standards of quality, which they formulate with Kentucky-grown hemp cultivated under the state Department of Agriculture’s reputable pilot program.
Medterra offers a line of different CBD pain/cooling creams, but probably their most popular CBD topical is their 750 mg CBD Topical Cooling Cream, which combines potent CBD with other nourishing ingredients, including arnica, aloe vera juice, and sunflower oil.
If you’re looking for a high-quality pain cream made from THC-free CBD isolate, Medterra could be exactly what you’re looking for.
Price: $29.99-$59.99
CBD Range: 125-1000 mg (sizes vary)

4.) Fab CBD

While Fab CBD is still fairly new to the industry, it’s still made quite the impression as a producer of premium-quality CBD, only sourced from organically grown industrial hemp.

And this probably has to do with the fact that their founders have over 25 years of pharmaceutical experience, which they implement in the forming of their tinctures, capsules and chews, but let’s talk about their Topical CBD Cream.

First of all, it smells amazing, and this is probably thanks to its fragrant ingredients like chamomile, blood orange essential oil, and cinnamon, plus it has the nourishing antioxidant properties of vitamin E, aloe vera juice, and cocoa butter.

While this CBD topical is probably not the best-suited for pain, it makes for a great everyday CBD-infused moisturizer.

Price: $49
CBD Range: 600 mg (2 oz container)

5.) JustCBD

JustCBD has rapidly grown as a brand since its beginning in 2017 and has become a leader in offering a wide range of CBD products, including CBD topicals.
One of JustCBD’s CBD topicals offered is their CBD-infused pain cream, which is available in 2 potencies: 100 mg and 250 mg per container.
JustCBD also makes a roll-on freeze cream, which incorporates menthol to provide a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect, while their Ultra Relief CBD Gel, which packs a whopping 1000 mg CBD, along with the added benefits thyme, rosemary and camphor, which acts as a menthol.
If you’re looking for a brand with plenty of CBD options for your pain or discomfort, JustCBD has an option for you at an affordable price.
Price: $11.99-$49.99
CBD Range: 100-1000 mg (sizes vary)

6.) Green Roads

If you’re looking for a CBD brand that you can count on, let Green Roads help you out with their 20+ years of experience and dedication to transparency.
This Florida-based company was founded by a veteran pharmacist with over 2 decades in the field, and this has led to them offering some of the most expertly-formulated CBD products in their industry.
Of course, this includes their topicals.
One of their especially powerful products is their Muscle & Joint Relief Cream, which uses 150 mg along with soothing lavender and purifying bentonite clay.
Additionally, Green Roads offers Heat Relief, which uses cayenne to create a pleasant warmth for your muscles, and their cooling relief cream is made with peppermint to create a cooling sensation to help lower inflammation.
And aside from a great formula and price, a little goes a long way.
Price: $11.99-$69.99
CBD Range: 70-750 mg (sizes vary)

7.) Lazarus Naturals

The folks at Lazarus Naturals emphasize the importance of, not only potency of the CBD uses, but the overall transparency.
Lazarus says that most of their hemp is grown on a family-owned farm in Oregon, while the remainder is provided by Oregon’s Dept. of Agriculture’s Hemp Program.
Additionally, Lazarus extracts the CBD from their hemp through ethanol distillation, which can lead to residual solvents, but Lazarus follows rigorous testing for purity.
And as mentioned before, Lazarus is all about transparency, so they even disclose which labs have tested their products, including their topicals.
And these are a fantastic option if you’re looking for something that nourishes your skin while targeting pain.
Besides full-spectrum CBD lotions, Lazarus Naturals also offers a variety of CBD balms, which are offered in 2 sizes: 400 mg CBD per .67 oz tin, or 1200 mg CBD in a 2 oz tin. And these balms come in a scent for every occasion, including Portland Rose, Lavender, Soothing Mint, and Cedar Citrus.
Price: $12-$70
CBD Range: 300 mg-1200 mg

8.) JOY Organics

Joy Organics was based off a story that’s familiar, but always wonderful to see: it’s a company founded by people with real, life-changing experiences with CBD. And after Joy Smith found her own success in treating her chronic pain and insomnia, that’s just what she did.

Joy Organics has become one of the highest-quality CBD sellers out there, and on top of that, they’re also a family business, and their dedication shows in all of their products.

When you look at their topical line, you’ll find something for everyone: CBD salves, sports creams, and even bath bombs!

And with ingredients like rosemary, thyme, MCT oil, and aloe vera, you know that any of these formulas are going to treat your skin and joints right.

Price: $19.95-$54.95
CBD Range: 250-500 mg


As another fairly new company, cbdMD has quickly built their reputation as a reliable supplier of affordable CBD.
And if you’re looking for something that’ll really help with post-inflammatory recovery, their Recover Inflammation Solution combines CBD in a range of 4 strengths with soothing, invigorating arnica, cooling menthol and nourishing aloe vera.
Currently, cbdMD offers their topicals in the strengths of 300, 750, 1500 and 3000 mg, so no matter your experience level with CBD, there’s something for you that will suit your CBD needs.
cbdMD entered the industry in 2018. Since then, they have shown that effective, high-quality CBD products don’t need to break the bank. This company sources organic hemp from Colorado and Kentucky and offers a massive selection of THC-free products. Whatever your needs or preferences, they likely have something for you.
cbdMD’s Recover Inflammation Solution combines a respectable dose of CBD (available in 300, 750, and 1,500 milligrams) with ingredients like Arnica (for white-cell stimulation) and vitamin B6 (to repair inflammatory and arthritic damage). The result? A potent cocktail that maximizes healing and relief.
Price: $29.99-$149.99
CBD Range: 300-3000 mg (per 3 oz container)

10.) CBDistillery

Maybe you’ve tried the other CBD topicals already, or maybe you’re looking for something with the rigorous credentials for the best level of transparency possible.
That’s just one of the reasons we recommend CBDistillery: not only do they back up their results with customer testimonials, but they even include the research and proof of analysis for their products, which they rigorously keep in compliance, since they’re certified with the US Hemp Authority (USHA).
As for their topical CBD products, CBDistillery offers a wide variety of relief creams, including their heating & cooling creams, which can be bought as a bundle from the site to get a nice bang for your buck. They also offer relief sticks, salves, and lip balms, which are all made from broad-spectrum hemp.
Price: $6-$75
CBD Range: 25-1000 mg (sizes vary)