Eight Ways the USA Vape Shop Database Can Help Vape Wholesalers and E-Liquid Brands

USA Vape Shop Database

Eight Ways the USA Vape Shop Database Can Help Vape Wholesalers and E-Liquid Brands


The USA vape shop database contains all vape shops and their contact details across states in the USA. It is ideal for all B2B marketing forms such as email blast, direct mail, social media campaigns, telephone conversation, and telesales. It comes with geolocation data for each domain. It reflects each domain’s IP address to the city, county, and region, and it helps to show where the shop is located. This method makes it easier for the wholesaler to sort vape shops in the USA according to regions. The USA vape shop database contains information such as the vape shops, shop locations, email addresses of vape shops, social media links, and telephone numbers.  The vape shop database contains over 8500 records that are beneficial to vape wholesalers. Below are ways the USA vape shop database can help vape wholesalers. –

Mass Email Blasts and Newsletter Campaigns.

Mass email blasts and newsletter campaigns are the most popular and effective way of connecting with vape shops. The newsletter is an inexpensive marketing approach compared to other B2B marketing techniques. It’s essential to run through your IP address to avoid the email going to the spam folder.


Another method the USA vape shop database can help vape wholesalers is through telesales. Telesales allows wholesalers to reach out to vape shops because there is always someone attending to the phone at the vape shop. However, you may experience some issues when contacting the vape shop, such as a delay in responding to your request, or there could be a language barrier when speaking to the attendant working at the vape shop. When contacting the vape shop, you would require a team of experienced telesales people, and you can get them from freelance sites.  When it comes to contacting the vape shop, it important to try email marketing first and only call the vape shop when they show interest in you. However, if you have unlimited access to finances, you can always contact various vape shops across the country.

Direct Mail Marketing.

This method of marketing is effective for vape wholesalers, manufacturers, and e-liquid brands. Here, vape wholesalers can send free samples of their products to vape shops. If the vape shop is satisfied with the product, they can place an order for the product. This method of marketing is expensive compared to other marketing techniques. Therefore, it preferable to try it out in your local area before expanding to other regions in the country.

Social Media Marketing.

There are several social media profiles out there that it is difficult to know which one is legitimate. If you search for vape shops on Instagram, you will come across amateur businesses before getting to the professional vape shop profiles.   However, the vape shop database contains social media profiles of professional vape shops, and it becomes easy to connect and interact with each vape shop. Social media marketing is an effective marketing technique that allows you to connect with various vape shops in the USA. However, don’t try to sell too hard on the social media platform. Social media platforms are created to allow you to connect and interact with various vape shops and increase your brand or products’ awareness. Try connecting with the vaping community at large, and it will help your brand to get noticed.

Phone calls.

Though sending emails and newsletter is an effective method of marketing the vape products, a one-on-one conversation is also an effective means of marketing your products. Telephone conversation allows you to build rapport with the vape shop owner. Building rapport makes it easy to introduce your products to them, and they can buy it from you. Telephone conversation also builds trust between vape shop owners and wholesalers. Before calling, plan for the time that will be convenient with the vape shop owner.  You can always check out the time zone that will suit the vape shop owner.

It Allows Wholesalers to Send vape juice samples.

The USA vape shop allows wholesalers to send samples of their vape juice to them as the shop owners will require evidence of what you want them to buy. Through the database, it becomes easier to know which vape shop you can deliver your samples to, and they will help to stock your products, thereby increasing your brand’s awareness.

It Enables Wholesalers Carry Out Online research of the Vape Shops

The information provided on the database is essential, and it contains detailed research of emails, phone numbers, and URLs of websites. It allows you to carry out in-depth research about the vape shops before contacting them.

It Increases Your Brand Exposure.

One of the best ways to kickstart a vape wholesale business is to access a database that will enable you to establish contact with the vape shops. The USA vape shop database offers your brand exposure to other vape shops in the country. It offers your business the opportunity to be listed among other vape shops and connect with them. It helps to create awareness for your products and services and allows you to learn from what others are doing in the market.


The USA vape shop database is updated, which means the vape shops’ information is recent and legitimate. It is also a reliable means of getting information about vape shops that can help you market your products. Using the vape shop database is a cheap and effective means of getting information about vape shop owners all over the country.

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