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CBD Oil Can be Used for Treating Pain, Anxiety, and Much More

CBD Oil Can be Used for Treating Pain, Anxiety, and Much More

CBD Oil is the chemical extract of the Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) plant. CBD is the short form of Cannabidiol. It is a type of cannabinoid which are naturally occurring in the marijuana plant. Although CBD oil is a derivative of the marijuana plant, still, it doesn’t produce “high” or hallucination effects. CBD Oil does not cause any kind of intoxication as well. Both the “high” and intoxicating effects are produced by another type of cannabinoid named as THC, which is also present in the marijuana plant. CBD Oil does not contain only traces of THC.

In the past, people had thought that CBD Oil produces the same effects as Marijuana because it is a derivative of marijuana. But recent research studies have spread awareness about CBD Oil. These research studies have reported many potential health benefits and therapeutic uses of the CBD Oil, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Some Health Benefits of CBD Oil

There are the following major health benefits of CBD Oil.

· Anxiety relief

You might be thinking that how can CBD Oil used for Anxiety relief? Well, the research studies have claimed that CBD oil might be effective in providing relief from anxiety. Though there is very little information available in this regard, but the researchers think that CBD Oil can change the response of the brain’s receptors towards serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical present in the brain which is associated with mental health particularly. On the other hand, the brain’s receptors are tiny proteins that are attached to the brain cells and respond to different stimuli.

Recently, a research study investigated the effects of CBD Oil on the people who were suffering from social anxiety. 450 participants have taken part in the research study. The results were really encouraging as the Participants have reported a significant decrease in their social anxiety.

In another research study, which was done on animals, the researchers have reported the following benefits of CBD Oil,

  • CBD Oil might reduce stress which is a major symptom of anxiety.
  • CBD Oil might have been found to effective in decreasing the physiological effects of anxiety.
  • It can improve the symptoms of PSTD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).
  • Poor sleep can also lead to insomnia which is a big reason for anxiety. CBD Oil induces sleep in case and insomnia and relief anxiety.

· CBD Oil for Pain Relief

The effects of CBD Oil on the brain’s receptors can also help you in the management of pain. Research studies have reported another mechanism through which CBD Oil might provide relief in pain. In this mechanism, CBD Oil interacts with the Endocannabinoid System of the body. Endocannabinoid System is an additional immune system in the body that is responsible for the regulation of many important functions in the body such as sleep, pain and inflammation responses, mood, memory and body temperature, etc. The Endocannabinoid System produces its effects through its receptors called Endocannabinoid receptors. There are two types of endocannabinoid receptors in our body, CB1 receptors, and CB2 receptors.

CBD Oil reacts with both these receptors and start producing natural cannabinoids in the body. These cannabinoids then bind on the surface of these receptors and block their activity in the result of which these receptors and unable to send pain signals to the CNS (Central Nervous System) and the patient start feeling relief from pain.

According to the National Institute of Health, the CBD Oil might provide relief in the following pain-related medical conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • MS Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Spinal Cord injuries pain
  • Fibromyalgia

· CBD Oil as Anti-acne

According to research studies, CBD Oil has strong anti-inflammation properties. CBD Oil shows these anti-inflammatory properties by interacting with the Endocannabinoid System of the body. These properties of CBD Oil make it a perfect skincare product. CBD Oil might be used as an anti-acne product before it might be helpful in reducing acne on the skin. Recently, a human research study is published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. This research study has reported that the CBD Oil might prevent activity in the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are involved in the production of sebum which is an oily substance responsible for the hydration of the skin. If too much sebum it produces, it can lead to acne. CBD Oil prevents sebum production and decreases the chances of acne.

· CBD Oil for Cancer treatment

Although the research is in the early stages in this regard, CBD Oil might be effective in preventing the growth of cancerous cells in the body. According to the report of NCI (National Cancer Institute), CBD Oil may help in the alleviation of the cancer symptoms. Many research studies have reported the benefits of CBD Oil in the alleviation of post-treatment side effects of Cancer but there is little information available in this regard. The main role of CBD Oil in the cancer treatment is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD Oil has the effect of decreasing the ability of some types of tumor cells to reproduce.

· CBD Oil for Sciatica Pain

Sciatica Pain is characterized by the pain in the sciatic nerve. When CBD Oil in topical forms (like lotions and creams) is applied to the areas of the body where sciatic pain runs, it can produce pain-relieving effects. CBD Oil might relieve sciatica pain by interacting with the Endocannabinoid System of the body as well.

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